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Hair tips to make him notice all over again

There are right answers and wrong answers. A wrong answer is when your husband comes home from work and his response to your question "notice anything different?" is "you cleaned the floor didn't you?" The right answer, of course, would have been a heartfelt compliment on the hairstyle you spent precious free time on or on that new dress.

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If you're hearing too many wrong answers like the above error in judgment, perhaps you need to up the ante a little with a new twist on your hair that's guaranteed to make him (and the rest of your family) take notice - for the right reasons. Here are three attention-grabbing suggestions from your friends at Suave with tips by Harry Josh, celebrity stylist to Renee Zellweger and Reese Witherspoon:

Go Messy Chic

- It's easy to be "fashionably" unkempt with the perfect style that's easy to pull off any time of year. Just allow hair to air dry normally. To help "guide" hair as it dries, apply a small amount of Suave Professionals Mega Hold Gel to the roots when wet. When dry, tousle hair with your fingers to create the final look - thick, full and naturally sexy.

Grab Attention and Compliments with Colour

- Just because your life is more family-friendly than sexy single doesn't mean you can't still turn heads with a ravishing new hair colour. Use a shampoo with a special UV sunscreen, like gentle new Suave Professionals Colour Care Shampoo, to help protect colour-treated hair from fading, leaving it vibrant, soft and shiny.

Go 60s With an Updated Mod 'Do

- The 60s are still hot, but now it's an updated version of the standard Mod 'Do. Volume is necessary for this look and it's easy to achieve with any hair length or type. All you need is a standard fine-tooth comb and Suave Professionals Extra or Mega Hold Aerosol Hair Spray.

- Step 1: Backcomb your hair toward the root about one inch around the entire crown of the head. Start at back of head and pack hair down with the comb - build a mini "nest" of hair.

- Step 2: Smooth over your newly volumized top layer of hair with a small dab of Suave Professionals Sculpting Pomade to complete the look.

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