Keep your hair colour vibrant

Tips to keep your hair colour vibrant

A fresh shade of colour brightens your look and adds richness to your style. But, a great hair colour can go bad without proper care. Susan Boccia, national trainer for Schwarzkopf Professional offers some tips to keeping hair colour vibrant.

. Heed advice. Your stylist will recommend a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner to save the vibrancy of your new shade. These shampoos help preserve the intensity and authenticity of the colour.

. Treat it well. If you are lightening your hair, consider a deep-penetrating treatment to restore hair's elasticity and shine.

. Shield it. Sunscreen is not just for your skin. Protecting your hair from UV rays is essential to preserving its great new colour. Wear a hat whenever possible and use products with UV protectors in them.

. Style it right. Shine products are a welcome addition to any style; they make dark colours appear richer and blonde hair sparkle.


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