The Secret to Naturally Curing Your Cold Sores

Here are some natural cold sores help.

By Mike R

There are many natural cold sore remedies out there. Natural remedies are better than any type of drug or product you can buy. Homeopathic remedies are also much cheaper. Cold sores, also called oral herpes, are blisters that usually occur on the gums,roof of the mouth, or the lips. Cold sores clear in 7 to 10 days. Cold sores are caused by what is called the herpes simplex virus. They are very contagious and are spread through contact with saliva. There are several home remedies that will be very valuable to cold sore victims.

Lemon balm has been known to have strong anti-viral property. In a recent study, patients blisters went away 5 days quicker than patients that didn’t use lemon balm. Another good homeopathic remedy is peppermint oil. Studies done found that peppermint essential oil was found to enter the skin and have a strong virucidal effect on the virus. It was also found to have a strong effect against certain strains of the virus that have been known to be stronger than other strains. Rhubarb and sage cream has also been found to have powerful effects over cold sores. It has also been found to be one of the most powerful creams out on the market.

Another natural cure is a compound known as “Resveratrol”. This compound is naturally found in red grapes, and has shown to be especially powerful against cold sores. A study by Northeastern Ohio University showed that resvertrol cream when applied to the infected area would completely stop cold sore development.

Hopefully this list of homeopathic cures to cold sores will be helpful. Other recommendations would be to go see your dermatologist about your cold sores. Some anti-bacterial treatment has been found to be very helpful. Whatever you do, don’t wait. Be proactive about your condition, and get back on track to being free of cold sores.

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