Beauty for Moms Who are Busy

Beauty For Moms who are busy all the time. These tips from Suava will help make the most of your time.

Beauty for Busy Moms

So, you've traded in your high heels for sneakers. Who says you can't still look and feel beautiful. After all, if anyone deserves to feel gorgeous, it's the mothers among us. Still skeptical? Read on for easy, affordable beauty tips from Suave ( designed for time-starved women just like you.

Switch channels

If it's been years since you've listened to music that doesn't feature wheels-on-the-bus or broken teenage hearts, it's time to take your turn at the radio dial. The next time you're running an errand in the car, be sure to have your favourite station programmed or a CD loaded that makes you pump your hands in the air and open the sunroof. You'll be surprised at how liberating 10 minutes of your favourite music can be.

Update your mane

If there's just one thing you do for yourself this month, be sure to get a good haircut. Choose a stylist whose expertise you trust. Bring pictures of hairstyles you love to the salon, but also bring an open mind. A new hairstyle could be just the thing you need to feel gorgeous. Remember though - never leave the salon with a stylish head of hair you can't easily recreate in your own bathroom.

Lash out

Makeup artists will tell you the key to opening up tired eyes is curl those lashes. Even when you don't have the time (or energy!) to put on full makeup, taking a minute or two to curl your lashes and apply mascara will provide an instant eyelift.

Get an eye full

If lack of sleep and overwork have left their mark on your eyes, run to the crisper, grab a few slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes. It really does work. No cucumbers in sight? Place a cold, damp, clean washcloth over both eyes and lay back and relax for a few minutes.

Raise your hands

If you've managed to find the time to get a manicure (good for you!), keep it looking perfect as long as possible by applying a clear topcoat daily to prevent the polish from cracking or chipping. No time for a manicure? Soak your nails in lemon juice to get rid of stains, then use a nail buffer to make them shine.

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Beauty for Moms Who are Busy. Do you have any beauty tips to help all the busy moms? Share your tip!!!

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