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Five tips on buying the best aromatherapy oils.

Vincent DeLuca

Walking into an aromatherapy supply store can feel like walking
into a slice of heaven. The sweet scent of aromatic skin care
solutions excite the soul while the tantalizing aromas coming
from scented candles steal the show. However, the aromatherapy
connoisseur knows that not every scented oil and sweet smelling
candle on the shelf contains healing power. Here are five tips
to help you find only the best in aromatherapy products.

Tip #1: Check the bottle. If your aromatherapy essential oil is
in a clear bottle or a plastic bottle, then you should not get
it. Light has a damaging effect on oil and truly essential
aromatherapy oils can be contaminated when stored in plastic

Tip #2: Check the label. Keywords such as “perfume” or
“fragrance oil” are a big sign that the oils contained within
the bottle are not pure essential aromatherapy oils. Even
though the bottle may have the term aromatherapy printed on it,
if you see natural identical oil or fragrance oil on the label,
then your aromatherapy oil more than likely contains unwanted
perfumery chemicals.

Tip #3: Check for dust. If you see an aromatherapy product on
the shelf that has dust on its cap or around its container,
then avoid getting it. Dust generally means that your
aromatherapy product is old. Like many other types of oil and
solutions, as aromatherapy products age, they lose their
healing powers and aromatic scent.


Tip #4: Check the price. Different types of aromatherapy oils
demand different prices. Pure therapeutic oils that are exotic
cost more than aromatherapy oils that are more common. If every
bottle of aromatherapy oil is the same price, you may want to

Tip #5: Do your research. Each type of aromatherapy oil has a
different therapeutic quality. The scent of aromatic essential
oils such as cypress is good for treating coughs and asthma.
However, the scent of Patchouli is used for anxiety,
depression, and healing skin conditions.

Don’t let the sweet talk of the salesman override the natural
therapeutic power of pure essential aromatherapy oils. Whether
you are purchasing your aromatherapy supplies from one of the
many great online retailers or from the local establishment at
the shopping center down the road, by following these five tips
you can avoid the pitfalls and start enjoying the healing power
of aromatherapy.

About The Author: Vincent DeLuca is author of “Healing Health
from Home.” To learn more about aromatherapy and purchasing
aromatherapy supplies, look at the aromatherapy resources
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