Aromatherapy Recipes For Your Skin


Welcome to the main section on aromatherapy for your skin care. Here you will find out more about aromatherapy and the oils used. At the bottom of the page you will find the articles for info and more recipes.

Using Aromatherapy Recipes

Organic aromatherapy recipes have been used for centuries and its usage is very diverse and spread all over the world. Hundreds of recipes have been found and perfected over thousands of years. Aromatherapy makes use of essential oils to combat everyday maladies in our lives such as stress, depression, indigestion, menopause, nausea, immune deficiencies, fatigue and numerous others. The following aromatherapy recipes are for your aromatic information.

First things first! Always remember that essential oils are very potent and volatile liquids that can be very harmful if used carelessly. CAUTION: Never apply undiluted oil on the skin without use of carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, hazelnut oil, sunflower oil or grape seed oil. Massage is perhaps the most popular way to use essential oils. It combines the healing art of aromatherapy with the healing art of touch. Self-massage is just as effective as being massaged by another person and lack of a partner is no excuse for not trying these relaxing recipes. As a general rule, always use ten drops of total essential oils per mixture, and keep it around five for maximum effectiveness.


You can always concoct your own innovative recipe using many essential oils that available in the market. You don't really need a branded expensive aromatherapy product or go to an expensive aromatherapy spa and some wholesale aromatherapy vendors can be too expensive. Here are a few quick, instant and easy natural aromatherapy recipes that can be formulated at your home:

· Beat the depression with 3 revitalizing drops of orange essential oil and 2 drops of zesty ginger.
· Drive out insomnia with easeful drops of Roman chamomile, clary sage and bergamot oils.
· Reduce menstrual cramps with pacifying drops of peppermint, cypress and avender oils.
· Soothe stress with calming drops of Roman chamomile, lavender and vetiver oils.
· Enhance memory with stimulating drops of peppermint and lemon oils.
· Boost your immune system with protecting drops of eucalyptus, pine and peppermint oils.
· Fight acne with toning lavender and antiseptic tea tree oil.
· Ease a grieving heart with oils of warm rose and sandalwood.
· Disinfect the kitchen sink with the citrus smell of lemon, lime and
grapefruit oils.

Apart from these most common recipes, you can also prepare hundreds of them by using correct amounts of essential oils.

All-Purpose Face and Neck Massage: 3 drops violet oil + 2 drops rose oil: in 20 ml of carrier oil. Add vitamin E for extra richness.
Anti-Tension Massage: 2 drops petit grain oil + 2 drops lavender oil + 2
drops sandalwood oil: in 20 ml carrier oil. Apply on the neck, shoulders,
and temples.

Backache Massage: 2 drop eucalyptus oil + 2 drops lavender oil + 1 drop lemon oil: in 20 ml carrier oil. Focus on areas of tension with fingertips. Bedtime Massage: 3 drop sandalwood oil + 2 drops chamomile oil: in 20 ml of carrier oil.

Calming Back Massage: 4 drop ylang ylang oil + 3 drops jasmine oil + 2 drops geranium oil: in 20 ml of carrier oil. Circulation Improvement Massage: 6 drop lavender oil + 4 drops rosemary oil + 2 drops vetiver oil: in 4 oz. of sesame oil. Face and Neck Massage: 2 drop galbanum oil + 3 drops neroli oil: 20 ml carrier oil.

Hand Massage: 5 drops lime oil + 5 drops thyme oil + 5 drops eucalyptus oil + 5 drops cajuput oil: in 4 tablespoons carrier oil.
Leg Massage: 2 drops cypress oil + 2 drop lime oil + 1 drop lemon oil: 20 ml carrier oil. Massage on calves, using gentle pressure on varicose veins. Mature Skin Massage: 2 drop myrrh oil + 2 drops lavender oil + 2 drops neroli oil: 20 ml wheat germ oil.

Pain-Relieving Massage: 3 drop pine oil + 3 drop eucalyptus oil + 3 drops frankincense oil: 20 ml carrier oil. Apply on sore joints.
Relaxing Full-Body Massage: 3 drop neroli oil + 2 d jasmine oil: in 20 ml of carrier oil.

Relaxing Massage: 2 drops geranium oil + 2 drops rose oil + 2 drops lavender oil: 20 ml carrier oil. Face and scalp massage.
Sensual Body Massage: 2 drops patchouli oil + 3 drops geranium oil + 3 drops rose oil: 20 ml carrier oil.

Stimulating Body Rub: 1 drops peppermint oil + 1 drops myrrh oil + 2 drops lavender oil: 20 ml carrier oil. This is an excellent winter rub.
Summer Stimulating Massage: 2 drop lemongrass oil + 3 drops orange oil + 1 drop rosemary oil: 20 ml carrier oil. Good for back and shoulder massages. Uplifting Massage: 2 drop bergamot oil + 2 drops orange oil +2 drops petit grain oil: 20 ml carrier oil. Good early-morning body rubs. Varicose Vein Massage: 2 drops lime oil + 2 drops cedar wood oil: in 20 ml carrier oil. Rub lightly, using only fingertips.

Wrinkled or Puffy Face Massage: 2 drops rose oil + 1 drops violet oil + 1
drops geranium oil: 20 ml carrier oil. Rub lightly on face, using only

Oils which are not preferable for home use include: cinnamon, clove, hyssop, and sage.

Oils which should not be used during pregnancy include: basil, clove,
cinnamon, fennel, hyssop, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, sage, and white thyme.

Oils which are not recommended for steam facials include: bay, clary sage, ginger, juniper, pine, and tea tree.

Oils which are photosynthesizing include, but are not restricted to: lemon, bergamot, lime, and orange. Do not go out into the sun for at least two hours after applying these oils to your skin.

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