The Benefits Of An Aromatherapy Bath

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The benefits of an aromatherapy bath

Lorna Findlay

Aromatherapy also advocates practices of taking bath using one of those
exotic essential oils; for many of us, a hot and relaxing bath is both a way to calm down tired bodies and relieve stress. Further more, a few moments to think, ponder, contemplate and meditate can create wonders for the mind and body. A hot bath with one of your favorite oils adds a new experience to your life, which is otherwise straining and equally boring. Essential oils also called “oil of life”, is soothing and refreshing, when added to your bath tub. Thus, these oils compel us to think over using them at least once a day to feel invigorated. Using the bath as an innovative way of administering Aromatherapy is one of the best for numerous reasons.

Your entire dull skin gets a layer of pure essential oils. The misty vapors
rising from the hot water enters your olfactory system and lungs. Your mind will be clear and calm, allowing you to concentrate on yourself and the essential oil treatment. It means essential oils bring a celestial
experience to your bath room. The hot bath now makes you, in fact, makes you sweat and tired added with a treatment of oils.

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Mandatory sleep or renewed vigor will soon follow such a refreshing

treatment. Apart from these soothing effects, you can even adjust the level of essential oils to treat some of your skin conditions like acne and
scabies. Another advantage of using aromatic oil is relieving your nervous conditions by making your mental constitution stronger and calmer. Some essential oils are known to be very romantic in nature; few drops your favorite oil will help you and your spouse to relax allowing passionate moments to overflow. It can also simply be used to aid in your enjoyment of your bath, to feel the balminess of flowing water.

Using essential oils in the bath is as simple as adding 10 drops just before you enter the tub. You can add, perhaps, lavender or Rose oils or
intricately add concocted bath oil containing a number of oils. It is purely personal and you can choose your favorite oil. Floral oils like jasmine or rose oils, usually make perfect bath concoctions, but one can feel free to use a particular oil or blend for conditions they wish to help.

The good effects of aromatherapy bath directly seeps in to respiratory, skin and nervous system to reduce problems. It is also discovered that joint problems and muscle pain can also be greatly helped.

Though soaps and candles containing real, pure aromatic oils can be
beneficial too, nothing compares the advantage of direct contact of
essential oils with the bath water. You must note its high volatility and
instability, so it is prudent, when using them in the bath and add those
drops just before you are ready to enter. You must also trap all those steam vapors by making sure that you draw close the shower curtains. This singleaction will make sure you are reaping the benefits of the essential oils before they evaporate with the hot steam.

Any bath oils containing extracts of Vitamin E, when added to your favorite aromatic oil, can help the essential oil to linger on the surface of the water faster and usually can be placed under hot running water. If you want to create a lively bubble bath setting or special bath, add a bit of dried milk, a bit of good quality hand soap and fresh rose petals plus your oil. Women will find bathing in rosemary water to be particularly beneficial after a stressful day and/or PMS symptoms. Men can use a pungent orange or ylang-ylang, especially in the morning to get them started for a day of work.

Aromatherapy oils and their usage are gaining lots of popularity among
beauty conscious people of the world; many personal care industries are
using more essential oils in their bathing products, than ever before.

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                          The Benefits Of An Aromatherapy Bath

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