Aromatherapy To Promote Skin Rejuvenation

Aromatherapy To Promote Skin Rejuvenation

From William Brown

The skin is the body's largest organ. It keeps all of the other important body parts contained, and is our barrier against the world. The skin is an fascinating organism. When it gets cut, it heals itself, and constantly renews itself with daily cell regeneration. As we age, however, these miraculous properties begin to slow down, and our skin begins to exhibit evidence of wear and tear. For women, one of the most frustrating skin conditions are stretch marks. These are tiny scars in the underlying skin tissues, caused by sudden rapid weight gain or weight loss. It is not only pregnant women who are afflicted by these unsightly tears. Dieters, weight-lifters, as well as anyone who has experienced sudden weight gain or loss may bear the record of their transformation in their skin.

As the body ages, skin begins to lose its former elasticity and resiliancy. This results in wrinkling of various parts of the skin that are used continuously. Laugh lines or the smile lines, crows feet, and the forehead area are prime examples of this. In addition to wrinkling and scarring, some people are prone to having excessively oily, dry, or sensitive skin. Sufferers from dry skin may find themselves continually itchy, flaky, or chapped. Oily skin may cause frequent breakouts on the face, as well as a constant feeling of uncleanliness. Sensitive skin may be prone to irritation, redness, and frequent allergic-type reactions. There are many other skin ailments that can make life uncomfortable for the sufferer. Examples of these include eczema, psoriasis, or recurrent painful boils which may be the result of an underlying subcutaneous Staph infection.

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There are certain steps that people to follow to promote the health, vitality, and beauty of their skin. Exercise and diet are the first areas one needs to examine when considering skin health. An optimal diet for the skin is one that includes rich organic foods, refraining from refined flours and sugar, and drinking plenty of mineral-rich water daily. Exercise need not exceed a daily brisk walk for 20 minutes, but at a minimum, this is enough exercise to maintain proper body function.

Aromatherapy is also beneficial to those who are actively seeking skin remedies and looking for methods for skin repair or rejuvenation. Because the skin is made up of many absorbant pores, aromatherapy is one of the most direct ways to treat skin conditions. Aromatherapy as a treatment for skin conditions includes taking aromatic baths, drinking or soaking in herbal infusions, applying aromatherapy lotions and creams, and the use of herbal toners. By utilizing steam, baths, and vapors, the skin will immediately absorb the properties of your chosen herbs. Rosehips, calendula, orange and other citrus oils, almond and macadamia nut oil, horsetail, shea butter, rosemary, lavender, ylang ylang, and aloe vera are some of the most beneficial herbs for skin rejuvenation.



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