Alpha Hydroxy Acids
more than just for the Womans face

 Alpha Hydroxy acids are thought of as a product for your face. Did you know? That it can also be used on your hair, hands, ingrown beard? Even if you have oily, dry or even sensitive skin. There is a alpha hydroxy product that will help your skin.

Lets start with the areas of your body that you would not have thought of. Do you have dandruff? There is help with alpha hydroxy acids shampoo that you can use once a week and if you do not experience any irritation increase it to twice a week. You may not need to use a dandruff shampoo every day. The best part of about these shampoos are they will strip away the grim that has built up on your hair and retain its moisture.

Like our face, the hands are exposed to the sun and the seamless never ending washing. Even though you may keep a jar of moisturizer in the kitchen, a tube in your purse and probably some under the front seat in the car. The hands still are dry nicked up and looking a little older. Here is another use for the alpha hydroxy acids moisturizer. Try these at night and if you can put up with a pair of cotton gloves or gym socks on so much the better. Now everything does take time But this is a once a week treatment, twice at the most.

Our feet can benefit the same way as our hands do with alpha hydroxy acids moisturizer. For our hands the cream will naturally go on the nails. Witch is good for the nails. Although on your feet you may want to take time to work the cream in and around the nails. There is no need to buy a separate cream for your feet. All we do is ad peppermint essential oil to the hand cream and it gives it a cooling sensation for the feet.

Now I know guys for the most part take little or no time with skin care. But here’s a tip that will help him if he has a curly beard and gets ingrown hairs. That's right leave out your alpha hydroxy acids moisturizer for him. You see these creams well help with the exfoliate of dead skin. As the beard grows out the dead skin cells block the growing hair turning it back in. Also you may try getting him a single blade razor some guys like them some don't. If he goes slow trying not to go over the skin more than once and rinse the razor off a lot this may also help.

It really is not known why stretch marks appear. Most women will get stretch marks during there pregnancy. The abdomen hips and buttocks seem to take the hit. For the dry skin moisturizing creams like cocoa butter work great although will not prevent stretch marks. Over time the marks will fade. Although not proven effective you my want to try alpha hydroxy acids creams on them.

Do you have blue eyes and red or blond hair? When you were little did parents say look at those cute Freckles. Well they were cute and still are cute on little kids. As we grow up though it is a tell tail sign of having skin that is sensitive to the sun. For you parents it says load and clear: make sure the kids have their sunscreen on.

Now you should know the difference between freckles and sun-induced freckles already so I won’t go there. The sun-induced freckles are associated with an increase in nonmelanoma skin cancer and even higher risk for melanoma. Any questions ask your doctor.

With that sad freckles can be lightened but not completely removed. Here again Alpha hydroxy acids creams can help if used on a regular basis. Use these creams at night and during the day use a good sunscreen. Keeping the freckles out of the sun by covering up is always a good idea if you would like to keep your freckles less noticeable.

A Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board, which is an independent group of physicians with no financial ties to the cosmetic industry, investigated the safety of AHA. They found that AHA's are safe to use over the counter if they are 10 percent in concentration and have a ph of 3.5 or greater. You may find a professional salon using up to a concentration of 30 percent and a ph of no less than 3.0. While the FDA does not have any laws as of yet these tips will help to ensure your use of AHA's.

One can look back as far as the 1700's to the French woman using aged wine on their faces to soften their complexion and lighten unwanted spots and blotches. Even further back in the 1560 B.C., physicians used plant, animal and sulfur substances for exfoliation.

Of all the AHA's that occur naturally the Glycolic Acid (sugar cane) has a small molecular size and is adaptable in cosmetic use because of its ability to penetrate the skin. It is also the only natural one that will exfoliate. Most AHA's are a drug/cosmetic hybrid. Where there is a moisturizer added. Although the main peruse is to remove the dead skin layers that build up.

I know if you have been around this web site you have seen it to many times. Well..... you have to use sunscreen or stay out of the sun when using these kinds of products. And you should be using some kind of sunscreen or block any way.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids More Than Just for the Womans Face.
If you have other good uses for Alpha Hydroxy Acids send us an e-mail and we will post them.

By Wayne Potter

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These alpha hydroxy acid products were listed in books that I have read. Over the counter products generally contain concentrations of 3 to 7 percent acid. At this percent there is enough acid to exfoliate the skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

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