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Shalini Says: Answers To Your Beauty Questions by Anonymous 

Beauty expert and celebrity make-up artist Shalini Vadhera receives thousands of letters from people, asking for her advice. Here, she answers some of those questions. Q. Dear Shalini ,My day starts at 3 a.m., finishing around 3 p.m. After seeing your drugstore segment, I wondered if you could recommend a makeup and powder with longevity/staying power? My complexion is European, so fair and yellow base works better to take out some of the red. I have not seen too many colors of that nature in the drugstore, have you? Thank you for your time and any advice. Jeanne HamerA.

Hi Jeanne, Thanks for watching! I would recommend The Revlon Skinlights foundation. Not only does it come in colors that are more yellow based but it has a luminous glow to it so it will make you look fresh and diffuse the redness in your skin tone. As for a powder, there are many loose powders in the drugstore you can use to set your makeup. Since you have fair skin, use a translucent loose powder to set your makeup. If you want a powder with more coverage, I would recommend trying the MAC Studiofix or the Lancome Dual Finish.

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Q. Hi Shalini, I've seen you on TV, and I listen to your tips. My eyeliner runs. I would say an hour after I put it on my eyes get black under them and continue to get dark through the day. I barely put any on to begin with.

What can I do, if there is something? Thank you so much. Lorenza A. Hi Lorenza, The first thing to keep your eyeliner from running under your eyes is to NOT use an eyeliner pencil under the eye area. It can be too soft and end up smudging. Instead, use a dark powder shadow with a sharp angle brush. The powder will wear a lot longer and look a lot softer. Also, you can set your eye area with a fine milled powder that will absorb any moisture around the eye and keep your makeup on longer. Q.

Dear Shalini , I am having a night time wedding. I want to look made up but not overdone. Any suggestions? Angela A. Hi Angela, The trick to pulling off a night time wedding and not looking overdone is to pick a feature you really want to accentuate and concentrate on that. Whether it be your eyes, lips or cheeks.

One of the biggest mistakes brides make is feeling they need to wear a lot more makeup for a dramatic look. This is not true. You can keep your makeup natural but smoke up the eyes or wear a deeper shade of lip color. Too much of everything will ruin the look and can make you look overdone .Q. Shalini ,I am going back to work for the first time after 15 years and want to look and feel good at my new job.

I don't like to wear heavy foundation but I have uneven skin. Can you recommend something to even out my skin without looking like I have a lot of make up on? Thank you, Heather A. Hi Heather, Since you don't like the look and feel of a traditional foundation, try a tinted moisturizer. There are so many on the market that are sheer and, as an added bonus, have an SPF in them. And they don't look or feel heavy.

They have enough coverage to smooth out your skin tone. If there are areas you feel you need more coverage, use a concealor with a brush and apply to those areas only. Shalini  Vadhera has been seen several TV shows, including CBS Early Show and Fox News and she has been interviewed for Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Self magazines. For answers to your beauty questions, e-mail Shalini at e-mail protected from spam bots. For more information on Shalini Vadhera, visit

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