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I have been on the look out for Beauty International  Tips . You must have grown up with beauty tips passed to you from your grandmother or mother. The beauty tips by women living in different cultures are as varied as the cultures themselves. All these tips have a lot to do with where these women live.

Like this tip sent in about a girl from India

I had a friend from India who had beautiful skin and she used just a plain cucumber for astringent. she would pass a salad bar and grab a cucumber and swish it accross her face it would not remove the makeup or feel wierd it was very refreshing.. just thought you might like that tip...
Thank you Vickie for sending this in.

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But first lets take a look at this Beauty International Video

On this stop of her international tour, Madeline takes a break in Chicago to share her favorite beauty secrets from around the world!

1. Salt Rubs are what give Parisian women that glow. One cup of sea salt is mixed with half a cup of peppermint tea and formed into a paste. It's used either as a shower gel or scrubbed before getting into the shower.

2. Spanish women add dramatic highlights to their dark hair with half a cup of cranberry juice and half a cup of seltzer. They use this as a final rinse after shampooing.

3. Jojoba Oil is the secret of African women. They use it on their skin as a conditioner on their hair to de-frizz and also as an effective bath oil.

4. Italians have their hands as pretty as their faces. They mix Hydroquinine cream and olive oil and smooth on hands to get soft skin and banish hand freckles.

5. Green Tea is the Japanese secret to target calories as well as wrinkles. It speeds calorie-burning and keeps lines way from their faces.

6. In the past, the secret of the Japanese Geisha and there smooth, flawless skin is camellia oil. White camellia nut oil, used for centuries in Asia, contributes its moisturizing, conditioning, nourishing and softening benefits to the skin. Camellia Oil gives the skin a texture and glow unmatched by any other skin care product. A special formulation for helping to eliminate wrinkles after giving birth, revitalizing hair growth, and in treating burns. It helps to restructure the skin and strengthen nails. It is one of the most rapidly absorbed oils making it an excellent choice as facial oil. Fans include Kate Winslet, who used the Japanese Camellia Oil during her pregnancy to combat stretch marks.

7. We all know the benefits of green tea but in China it’s all about the white tea. The anti-aging secret! White Tea comes from the silver tip of the green tea plant. It’s also known as the emperor’s tea. The plant houses all the antioxidants in the tip. It acts as an environmental shield that the free radicals can’t penetrate through. They bounce off free radicals and fend off anti-aging. Recently, a few skin care lines have realized the benefits of whit tea and actually incorporated it in their products. A nice example would be Origins.

8. Coconut oil is the trick to getting full, thick, shiny hair like Indian Women. It’s also great to help strengthen hair if your hair is thinning. The women in India do a hot oil scalp massage once a week. Heat some up in a bowl and give yourself a scalp massage once a week. Sleep with it on and wash in the morning! It will help seal the cuticle and rid those split ends not to mention making your hair thick and healthy.


Tips for Beautiful Makeup 

Beautiful makeup tips are useful to know what you should do to make the makeup work to its fullest capacity, for, makeup done unprofessionally and without any thought would not be able to give you the desired results. Before applying the makeup that you hope would create a magical aura around you, consider these following tips for beautiful makeup: 

Beautiful Makeup Tip 1 

It is better to use toner on your face first. Use of a good moisturizer is also a good option, as this helps in proper and better blending of foundation. This is where most of people do not put proper care and end up in a mess of things, as the foundation does not give desired results! 

Beautiful Makeup Tip 2 

Use your fingers for working the foundation on one area of your face. It is better if you are moving your fingers in circular motion, and after you have finished this finger-walk, you can use sponge for the final working of the foundation. 

Beautiful Makeup Tip 3 

It is advisable to use a translucent loose powder to set the makeup with the help of a soft brush. When you are using the brush, dust the makeup in downward motion. 

Beautiful Makeup Tip 4 

If you are using blusher for your makeup, care needs to be taken in its application, for, it is better to apply in circular motion with fingers along the bottom of cheekbones. Mind you, application of blusher over the line that would pass from the center of your eyes is always prohibited! 

Beautiful Makeup Tip 5 

If you want to provide more natural look, you can fend the brush after you have loaded it with the blusher to remove the extra blusher. 

Beautiful Makeup Tip 6 

It is better to opt for a colorless eye shadow as a base. Darker colors need to be applied on outer side of eye shapes, and if you have already used more than required, you can use translucent or colorless coating over the already made. 

Beautiful Makeup Tip 7 

Sometimes, people get carried away with the colors of their clothes and try to match the color of makeup with it. Mind you, this may not look beautiful, so, it is better to opt for colors that actually suit your complexion. Using mild colors can lend a rare beauty to your face. 

Beautiful Makeup Tip 8 

If you are using eyeliner to make your eyes attractive and talking, it should be applied close to base of eyelashes, so that it can make them look thicker. 

If you follow these tips for your makeup, the possibility of finest outcome for your face is more and you will enjoy the place for which you have intended the makeup! 

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